JSC NPP firm Voskhod is a leader in the market of professional bakery and confectionery equipment. Spheres of company’s activity:

  • production of industrial bakery and confectionery equipment;

  • production of crane and traction shunting winches.

  • production of industrial transformers.

The modern manufacturing capabilities of JSC NPP firm Voskhod allow to up to 4-5 new annually, as well as maintain these rates in the future. Prices for equipment of JSC NPP firm "Voskhod" are significantly lower than prices for foreign analogues. This became possible thanks to the incremental implementation of a large-scale program of equipping production facilities with the most modern metalworking equipment, the development of modern design methods, the introduction of advanced technologies and the continuous improvement of the integrated management system according to international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 50001:2011, Codex Alimentarius.

Batch production of more than 150 pieces of equipment for baking and confectionery production has been completed. Bakery and confectionery equipment are supplied to all regions of Russia, CIS countries and far abroad.

Over the past years, the activities of JSC NPP of the Voskhod company won a lot of government awards.