The "ECO-1" company is the largest manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment in the territory of the former Soviet Union.

It produces equipment under two of own brands. Freezing chests are produced under the brand name "Snezh" developed jointly with the Italian specialists, closed-type bonnets and refrigeration cabinets under the brand "Bonvini".In the line of manufactured equipment:

  • Freezer chests with the gross capacity from 226 to 615 liters of three types, with the tight-head cover, with curved and straight glass.

  • Medium-temperature refrigeration cabinets, with a glass door, canapé and top arrangement of the aggregate unit with the gross capacity of 418, 482, 529 and 631 liters.

  • Closed-type bonnets with the gross capacity of 752 to 1238 liters.

All equipment is convenient in operation, environmentally friendly and created with a wide use of imported component parts. One of the main priorities in the company's production facilities is the quality of output products.