From a technological point of view, MIWE systems are probably the most sophisticated systems on the market today. Many of the innovations that have fundamentally changed the world of baking can be traced back to its initiatives. In-shop baking, now a universal concept, was once invented by Prof. Edgar Michael Wenz, guided by what he called "sight-and-scent baking" as a way of increasing sales for bakers.

In addition, many of the technological advances that made in-store baking a success story were developed by MIWE, such as frozen dough piece baking for uncooked frozen dough pieces. Our in-store ovens not only benefit from the most experience, but also the most in-depth expertise on in-shop baking in general. Even the rack oven - a common tool in many bakeries today - was completely unknown in this country until the 1970s. The principle has its roots in the northernmost corners of Europe. Only through MIWE's patient and constant promoting and the development of more efficient ovens, did it ultimately become the world's most successful oven system. It should come as no surprise, then, that for many bakers, baking in a rack oven is synonymous with baking in the MIWE roll-in.

Since then, developers have systematically scrutinized every functional group in bakery systems, inspecting every technical advancement and developing a myriad of new processes and solutions that provide bakers with more safety, improved ways of influencing their products and more freedom to produce highly unique baked goods.

Also the optimised MIWE atmo-jet® steam technology, or 'atmospheric baking', which finally solves the consistency problems caused by draughts and weather-related influences, as well as MIWE variobake, which extends the range of baking characteristics that can be used in the deck oven. There is also the MIWE smartproof™ freezer technology for intense aroma, an extension for our baking stations that allows special gastronomic functions or vacuum conditioning to be integrated into the production process.

Many of MIWE customers appreciate that the company offers much more than just reliable innovative power. Being equipped with MIWE as a technology partner offers security for the challenges of the future.