Grill master

GRILL MASTER is a company that has been producing catering equipment for more that 15 years.

From fast food equipment to professional cooking lines, GRILL MASTER offers top quality solutions that can catch the most innovative trends that will help chefs achieve outstanding results.

GRILL MASTER manufactures:

  • electric and gas stoves;

  • combination steam ovens;

  • cabinet ovens;

  • proofing ovens;

  • roasters;

  • fry tops;

  • steam-heated tables;

  • tilting bratt pans;

  • cooking pans;

  • deep fat fryers;

  • pancake makers;

  • gyro machines;

  • heat cabinets;

  • steam cookers;

  • optional and matching accessories;

The goal of GRILL MASTER is to use every opportunity to provide its partners with reliable equipment, innovative solutions and high-quality service.
Grill master